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A Faith-based organization providing Transformative Health Solutions Globally.

Mission Statement

To provide reliable and affordable Health Products and Technologies, Quality Assurance and Health Systems Strengthening Services.

About MEDS

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About MEDS:

Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) is a faith based, not-for-profit organization with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya and a branch in Kisumu.

It is a registered Trust of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) and the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK).

MEDS was started in 1986 as an ecumenical partnership to improve accessibility to quality health care.

MEDS has three main functions:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics: MEDS robust and resilient Supply Chain Services oversees the procurement, product identification, warehousing, logistics and distribution of health commodities and technologies.
  • Quality Assurance Services: MEDS provides services relating to prequalification of suppliers, inspection of commodities, post-marketing surveillance.
  • Health Systems Strengthening (HSS): MEDS partners with her clients to build capacity, consultancy services and offering industry-oriented solutions.  Annual Training Programs and Facility-Based training are some of the initiatives that have continued to shape the contributions that has earned MEDS a reputation as a leading healthcare partner in the country and beyond. HSS will seek to build linkages that create value and will have set goals for creation of social capital with both internal and external social networks.

MEDS adopted the three-pronged-approach to address the problems facing the health facilities in Kenya and beyond. The following key milestones have been realized over time:

  • Over 36 years experience in pharmaceutical supply chain and capacity building; as an alternative and complementing supply chain organization to the Government medical supply agency.
  • MEDS is a USAID/Bureay for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) approved Wholesaler
  • MEDS is  ISO 9001:2015 certified, a confirmation of high standard Quality Management System – assuring safe, reliable and quality commodities and services.
  • MEDS is a Recognized DG-ECHO Humanitarian Procurement Centre.
  • MEDS serves more than 3,000 corporate clients in Kenya and beyond.



1.0 Behavioral Attributes

MEDS works within its Mission and Vision which subscribe to Christian faith and beliefs. It is therefore expected that employees working for MEDS will be guided by these Principles.  Qualities of behaviour expected of employees encompass all the core values, and additionally, but not limited to:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Capable and responsible performance of work
  • Cheerful and humble service
  • Punctuality
  • Selfless Service

2.0 Conflict of Interest

During continuance of employment an Employee shall not, without prior consent in writing by Managing Director, be engaged or be interested, either directly or indirectly, in any trade which is in conflict of interest with the business of MEDS.  This refers in particular to businesses dealing in pharmaceutical and/or medical services or supplies. Where in doubt or in need of interpretation, the Employee shall, in first instance, declare such interest to Managing Director and seek for guidance.

3.0 Personal Gifts and Hospitality

Through upholding expected high standards of conduct and honesty, employees shall not abuse their positions by accepting gifts for personal gain.  Employees shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner that avoids suspicion of such behavior.  Any personal gifts, services or favors from suppliers or clients shall be declared and passed over to Managing Director’s office.   Managing Director will decide appropriate action to be taken.

4.0 Sexual Harassment Policy: “Zero Tolerance”

MEDS is committed to providing a working environment free from sexual harassment; where individuals are treated with respect and dignity.  MEDS does not tolerate sexual harassment. The organization provides procedures for victims of sexual harassment to report sexual harassment and disciplinary penalties for those who commit sexual harassment. No person, employee or third party, no matter his or her title or position, has the authority, whether expressed, actual, apparent or implied, to commit sexual harassment.

5.0 Smoking

MEDS promotes good health hence it is a non-smoking Organization; smoking is not allowed within MEDS’ premises and vehicles.

6.0   Anti-Terrorism

Employees shall not engage in “terrorist acts” carried out with the aim of:-

  • Intimidating or causing fear amongst members of the public or a section of the public.
  • Intimidating or compelling the Government or International organization to do, or refrain from any act.
  • Destabilizing the religious, political, constitutional, economic or social institutions of a country.

7.0 Fraud and Corruption

MEDS management recognizes that fraud and corruption are prevalent issues, and have harmful effects on staff, organization and society, they equally pose a threat to MEDS vision.

MEDS management is committed to high ethical standards, transparency and accountability to all internal and external stakeholders including staff, customers, regulatory bodies and suppliers. Management will therefore deal swiftly and appropriately with fraud and corruption perpetrated by its staff and against it by external interested parties and any collusive practices among any such parties.

In accordance with best risk management practice, MEDS management acknowledges that strong internal prevention mechanisms and controls, at all managerial and sectional levels, are the best methods for preventing fraud and corruption. The differing risk environments in operations must be considered as some environments are riskier than other areas thus require more rigorous prevention mechanisms and controls than other environments. Accordingly, management will ensure that there are elements of fraud and corruption prevention and control in all policies, procedures and systems.

Employees are expected to conduct all business in an honest and ethical manner. The organization shall take a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, bribery and corruption. It is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all its business dealings and relationships and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery.

8.0     Whistle Blowing Policy

The policy objectives are to:

a) Demonstrate MEDS commitment to ensuring its activities are carried out ethically, honestly and to high standards;

b) Facilitate development of a culture of openness, accountability and integrity;

c) Encourage all stakeholders to raise matters internally and have them resolved without fear of punishment or unfair treatment;

d) Bolster anti-fraud and corruption efforts.

Specifically, it aims at;

Facilitating a process that encourages staff to freely and voluntarily come forward in good faith to share with management, and/or the Board, any information they may have regarding any wrongdoing that may be detrimental to organization’s smooth operations.

  1. Fostering an atmosphere of mutual workplace respect and proper business behavior that are vital to integrity and success of the organization in implementing a structurally sound and business effective whistle blowing process.
  2. Ensuring that a process is in place to allow employees to report alleged improper conduct without fear of retribution or recrimination.
  3. Promoting an integral process for sustainable work culture of zero tolerance to inappropriate behavior, fraud, corruption, harassment, illegal acts, cheating, unsafe working conditions, etc.
  4. Protecting organization against financial loss that is likely to arise through impropriety, infraction of policy and regulations and gross misuse of organization’s resources through pilferage etc.

9.0 Closed circuit television (CCTV)

MEDS premises are under 24 hours Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance for safety and security of individuals, property and stock. Video linked security cameras maintain constant recorded surveillance of the premises except in private areas, such as washrooms. All activities are recorded to ensure compliance of MEDS code of conduct and aid in prosecution of any crime committed within the premises. Video evidence can be used in disciplinary proceedings and in court of law.


Non-compliance to any of the above clauses may be reported to email address integrity@meds.or.ke


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