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Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) is a registered Trust of Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) and Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK). The organization was started in 1986, as an ecumenical partnership to improve accessibility to quality healthcare. Since its inception, MEDS has played a crucial role in Health Supply Chain, Quality Assurance and Health Advisory Services.

In pursuant of its mission, MEDS has three core functions, namely:

  •   Supply Chain: Providing reliable supply of quality health products and technologies at affordable prices.
  • Quality Assurance Services: Assuring quality of stocked items through analysis of products in its World Health Organisation (WHO) – Prequalified Quality Control Laboratory.
  •  Health Advisory Services: Improving quality of patient care through capacity building, training and other client support activities like field visits and technical support. The function is in all aspects of health and general management.

Driven by Quality since 1986, MEDS is ISO 9001:2015 KEBS Certified. The Organisation is US-OFDA Prequalified Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and DG-ECHO Humanitarian Procurement Centre.

Approach to the assignment – Consultancy Services to carry out Mid-term Review of MEDS current Strategic Plan (2018-2022) – needs to be sufficiently concentrated to provide for logistics in a cost-effective way and to convey the seriousness of the exercise. 


MEDS intends to engage a Consultant to carry out Mid-term Review of its current Strategic Plan (2018-2022). The Organization is seeking proposals from a qualified consulting firm to provide external assistance in reviewing progress made in the implementation of its current Strategic Plan (2018-2022). The Plan provides an operating framework that enables the Organisation to fulfil its mandate of promoting Healthy Lives. The Strategic Plan is anchored on three strategic pillars, namely: Performance Improvement & Growth, Diversification and Partnerships. This strategic intention is aimed at differentiating MEDS from competition by having a strong focus on customers and providing cutting edge healthcare solutions by leveraging on best practices.

 2.1 Purpose of Assignment

This assignment is aimed at reviewing MEDS performance in terms of achievement of its goals and objectives as outlined in the current Strategic Plan (2018-2022). Upon completion of this assignment, MEDS operational framework should be strengthened for greater efficiency, effectiveness and impact, taking into account achievements and emerging trends that may or have affected services offered to clients.

Scope of work: The selected consulting firm will work with the MEDS management team to review the current Strategic Plan. The selected consultant will:

      Prepare and share an inception report with MEDS management within two weeks from the date of the assignment engagement

      Perform a situational analysis through literature review and meetings with various stakeholders to gain insight on MEDS operations.

      Scan and analyze MEDS internal and external environments

      Present the findings of the situational analysis to stakeholders for input during a three days’ planning retreat/workshop.

      Based on the feedback and findings during the planning retreat/workshop, draft a revised Strategic Plan for the remaining 2½ years (July 2020 to December 2022).

      Share the draft Revised Strategic Plan with MEDS management for further input.

      Present the final draft to MEDS Board of Directors for approval.

      Finalize, print and disseminate the final version of the Revised Strategic Plan.

2.2 Terms of Reference

The review is expected to adopt a participatory multi-stakeholder process that involves the consultant (working jointly with MEDS management), staff and other stakeholders. The specific terms of reference for this assignment include being able:

      i.         To review the available documents (desk review) as basis of verifying the progress made in the implementation of the current Strategic Plan (2018-2022).

    ii.        To evaluate whether MEDS vision, mission, objectives and activities are still relevant to its stakeholders and propose any re-alignment in areas that would result into improved effectiveness and efficiency.

   iii.         To assess and document strengths and weaknesses of MEDS and identify opportunities and threats that face MEDS as an organisation. A thorough strategic analysis will in turn provide the basis for strategy re-alignment.

   iv.         To conduct an in-depth industry analysis to assess the current realities facing MEDS and its clientele with a view to aligning the Organisation’s objectives and strategies, thus helping MEDS to mitigate those realities and to improve its performance.

    v.     To facilitate a planning retreat/workshop for MEDS Board, and Management, to discuss and agree on the Revised Strategic Plan. Please note that dates for the planning retreat/workshop will be during the week of 10th – 14th August, 2020.

   vi.         To perform any other task that will be relevant to this assignment, which should be highlighted under the methodology and work plan of the proposal.

 2.3 Expected Output

A document detailing the status of the current strategic plan (2018-2022) implementation, gaps identified and spelling out next strategic direction, strategic analysis, implementation framework, monitoring and evaluation. Specific Deliverables will include:

  1. Inception report detailing execution plan of the assignment
  2. Report on findings on the implementation current strategic plan (2018-2022)
  3. Report on extensive environmental outlook scanning and stakeholder analysis
  4. Planning Retreat/Workshop with MEDS Board and Management
  5. Draft Revised Strategic Plan after the planning retreat/workshop
  6. Final Revised Strategic Plan (2020-2022) document

 The ideal consultant must have the following qualities:

     Extensive strategic planning experience, including the ability to conduct all required research and analysis, coordinate and facilitate the planning process, and create a Revised Strategic Plan document suitable for presentation.

      More than 10 years of experience in developing strategies and plans for profit and non-profit organizations.

      Experience in the health sector, especially the pharmaceutical industry in Kenya, and contextual issues of Sub-Saharan Africa.

2.4 Technical Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation Committee appointed by MEDS Management shall evaluate proposals on the basis of their responsiveness to the Terms of Reference of the assignment, applying the evaluation criteria as outlined below:






The Consulting firm/Consultant




Profile and experience in similar assignments




Adequacy of response to the Assignment’s Terms of Reference








Technical approach to the assignment and methodology




Detailed Work Plan, giving Time Schedule and expected duration




Organisation, Work Schedule and Staffing




Qualification and relevant experience of key staff (Personnel)




Lead Consultant




Other Consultants




Research & Support Staff








Note: Financial Proposal will be evaluated and rated separately before making overall ranking of the responding firms/Consultant.

 3.0 Submission of Proposals

The expected output of this assignment is well written and documented Revised Strategic Plan (2018-2022). Interested applicants should submit their detailed Proposal for this Consultancy Service in sealed envelopes to:

Managing Director

Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS)

MEDS Centre

P. O. Box 78040, Viwandani 00507



 Note: The Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal should be submitted separately.

 Important Dates:

  • Deadline for raising Questions regarding Request for Proposals: 20th March, 2020
  • Deadline for Submitting Proposals: 31st March 2020
  • Evaluation of Proposal (Technical & Financial): In April, 2020
  • Dates for Oral Presentation to MEDS Management: In May 2020
  • Award to Successful Consultancy Firm/Consultant: In June 2020
  • Conducting Planning Retreat/Workshop: Week of 10th -14th August 2020
  •  Final Draft of the Revised Strategic Plan: 15th September, 2020