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  • octobre 31, 2020
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octobre 31, 2020

The MEDS Health Advisory Services plays an instrumental role in improving the quality of patient care and ensuring sustainable healthcare interventions and industry oriented solutions. MEDS actualizes this through offering consulting services in public health management, health sector policy formulation and regulatory implementation processes; partnering with various development partners and
non-governmental organizations at both county and National government levels. Along the way, MEDS will engage with the Ministry of Health in the development, implementation of guidelines and policies.

(i) Annual Training Programme 

MEDS in-service trainings target all people engaged in actions whose primary intent is to improve health. This includes health service providers such as doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and community health workers. It also includes health management and support workers, such as hospital administrators, health managers and social workers, who dedicate all or part of their time to improving health.

Download the full MEDS Annual Training Program 2023

(ii) Facility Based Training 

The 2021 Facility Based Training will be different from what has been offered before. In response to requests, the FBTs will aim at helping organizations to develop solutions to the identified problems with a view to improving the quality of patient care and ensuring sustainability. Since this intervention places emphasis on teamwork in addressing issues and serving patients better, it is very important for the senior managers to be available during all the stages of this intervention.

(iii) Consultancy Services 

Consultancy services are offered to any health-based organization (apart from KCCB & CHAK facilities) including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private health facilities. The services range from examining and advising on systems and procedures to organizing and conducting suitable standard and tailor-made interventions for clients. In 2021, the service has been extended to cover systems strengthening which includes preparation of critical documents for health programmes and evaluation of projects. MEDS has a pool of highly skilled and experienced facilitators capable of addressing most of the challenges faced by health care providers today.

(iv) Mentorship Programme 

MEDS utilizes its team of field officers to offer onsite support to clients. Besides this, MEDS is currently handling the Health Supply Chain function of CHAK AIDS Program (CHAP). Among others, MEDS offers technical assistance in selection, forecasting and procurement of 28 treatment sites under the two projects. In addition, MEDS also offers support in ensuring appropriate use of medicines, setting up of Medicine Therapeutic Committees (MTCs), reinforcing Adverse Drug Reactions and medication error reporting as well as implementation of Standard Treatment Guidelines.

Since its inception in 1986, MEDS has offered capacity building programs for health workers, training over 25,000 health workers in diverse fields and cadres including medical, nursing and clinical officers.