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  • octobre 31, 2020
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octobre 31, 2020

Since its inception in 1986, MEDS has positioned itself as a preferred supplier of affordable, reliable and quality essential medicines and medical supplies. MEDS operations are aimed at ensuring that clients’ orders are processed efficiently, accurately and in a timely manner. MEDS operates a centralized procurement function, handling both purchase of Stocked and Non-Stocked Items to service customer orders and MEDS internal requirements.
MEDS stock list is reviewed annually by a Formulary Committee which comprises of representatives of MEDS clients, Ministry of Health, medical/pharmaceutical departments in universities, consultants in health and MEDS staff members.

In the field of partnerships, MEDS has played a leading role in supply chain, ensuring reliable access to quality and affordable medicines for hypertension in the Healthy Heart Africa (HHA) Project, which was started by AstraZeneca to address hypertension in Kenya and other African countries. MEDS supports CHAP Uzima projects in strengthening pharmaceutical supply chain management in supported sites.

Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) play a vital role in ensuring access to essential medicines and delivery of health services to patients. The influx of counterfeit medicines in the African continent coupled with weak regulatory systems and poor enforcement of regulatory laws constitute emerging structural weaknesses in the supply chain ecosystem. In response to these challenges, MEDS engages in pooled procurement models where we combine forces with other regional FBO’s and purchase health commodities as a single purchasing block, and therefore benefit from improved economies of scale. This intervention helps to increase availability of medicines at affordable prices and therefore enhances access.

MEDS is also recognized as a Humanitarian Procurement Center (HPC) and is recognized as a European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) Centre.

In line with its new strategic plan, MEDS today provides an array of affordable and quality supplements, medical equipment and supplies.